North Orange County – Authentic JAPANESE Restaurant [S O L D]

An Authentic Japanese Restaurant with High Volume Income located in North Orange County. Over 11 years of business in the same location with 8 Employees (Full Time / Part Time) + Owner (Full-Time w/Salary).

Average Gross Sale $95,000 ~$100,000 per Month & Average Net Income $17,000 +/- $2,000 per Month. (For Dinner: WEEKDAY 2 TURN OVER / WEEKEND 4+ TURN OVER)

Authentic designed Space and Potential Patio Space in the Front where New Owner can utilize. (Already Approved by the Property Management).

Currently, Business opens 5.5 Days per week and closed on some of Holidays. (New Owner May Open More Hours!!! But Why~~~?)

(Mon ~ Friday: Lunch & Dinner / Sat: DINNER ONLY!!! / Sun: CLOSED)


It’s well known and also listed on the place to visit in Orange County.

There is Team of Nine Employee including the Owner work in the Restaurant: two (2) Kitchen Cook + two (2) Sushi Man including the owner + one Head Server + Five (5) other Servers. (The Owner also take Salary)

Rent: $4,750.49 plus $1,384.33 CAM Charge

Average Net Profit: $17,000+/- $2,000 (From the Business) plus $12,000 (Owner Salary after Tax)

Total Earning Average: $27,000 ~ $29,000 per Month

(Total Expenses subject to Buyer’s Financial Approval)

SBA Loan to qualified buyer. The owner is looking for experienced Authentic Japanese Restaurant operator, who can continue in good business and flourish. New owner can keep the name and current owner is willing to train for 2 weeks. If the new owner needs more time to train, the current owner is willing to extend training to one month with fair pay.

Broker/Agent Co-op with confidentiality agreement!

For more information, please contact Charles Lee at 714-614-2426 or email him at CHARLESLEE@ONEGROUPREALTY.COM